Saab 9-5 is Car of the Year! (In Singapore)

Saab 9-5 2010

You see, you had the foresight when you were 9-5 in 2010 to Autoblog Car of the Year bombed. The authority of autoblog reaches around the world, and an example will be followed. Therefore, the Singaporeans followed our example and Saab in their town is named Car of the Year!

First say now but we always write negative things about Saab. Really not good push.
Secondly, it is a great achievement for such a title in Singapore to steal. You should know, Singapore is rich. And I mean not just rich, no, filthy rich. The choking of a big car , Lamborghini’s you fly around the ears , and the people there to purchase anything their heart desires. And then in a country so spoiled in terms of cars with such a great price to get going, then you come home for good. Therefore: chapeau!

It’s the 2.8 V6 Turbo and is crowned by a consiumentengids by Wheels Asia in Singapore is published. As we speak, Victor Muller with Singapore Airlines on the way to South-East Asia to personally and shiny award with pride the corresponding jar to accept, for a day and party animal to be. And he deserved it. Hats off.

Here, let’s at. Not just nasty rumors or negative news, today is only spoken positively about the Swedish brand. Because it may sometimes. We love the taste sweet, bitter and do not allow this to ruin a good time. Locutus sum, hora est, Luctor et Emergo and lector et ejaculator. Alternatively, something. (By Coop Cars)

Saab 9-5 2010

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