Seat comes with an all-electric Altea XL

Seat Altea XL Electric Ecomotive

Heavy breaking news! Seat is actually something to report. In Spain, the engineers of the brand which is an electrified Altea XL.

Seat Altea XL Electric Ecomotive, the first electric car to be troubled Volkswagen subsidiary. Instead of an internal-combustion  engine is now an elektrotor that the front wheels in the MPV Seat. These e-engine offers 115 horsepower (85kW) and a top speed of 135 km / h tap.

The battery pack is that EV is not hidden in the ground, but got a spot under the rear seat and rear cargo floor. The seats and legroom are therefore, not smaller or bigger. The roof is covered with solar panels that “a fresh scent in the interior,”.

This causes the air conditioner to work less hard. Ergo: it leaves more power available for a decent range, which 135 km are equal to the Vmax.

Seat is planning to Altea XL Electric Ecomotive in 2015 on the market.

Seat Leon as a plug-in hybrid
The SEAT Leon Twin Drive project dates back to 2009But today the brand has the specs of this cereal knight world publicized. In the electric mode of the Twin Drive, the Seat range of 52 kilometers, with a top speed of 120 km per hour. In mixed mode (internal-combustion engine plus electric motor), the consumption is only 1.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, or 18.5 kWh (forecast), which is the equivalent of only 39 grams of CO2 per km. This is again a bit better than the comparable Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive, Where the seat-based technology course.

Seat Altea XL Electric Ecomotive

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