Security’s experts hacking autostart apps

Viper SmartStartCars can (or unlikely) in a dozen ways to get it open, if we are to believe stories on the Internet. Addition number 13 is certainly one to be taken seriously: Texting War. Here is the phone software with which a vehicle can be remotely opened and started cracking.

All technological innovation is perhaps fun and hip, but a car can open and start with your iPhone or old barrel it also opens up many possibilities for clever hackers. During the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, two security experts from the company called the ISEC Partners texting war demonstrated on a Subaru Outback.  They also seem to have made ​​a video, but we could not find it.

It goes like this: software developers to establish protocol for remote control cars, the hackers intercepting wireless data transmission between the car and the network, and then these signals are reproduced from the laptop. Apple cake, and thanks for your new car, sir!

So if you are without your car, you will soon see rip off, and you can have just one big glasses and a Star Trek shirt on the thief in question, discern, while things like ROFLOMGLOLUBERPWNED1337HAXX0R calls, then you know you are a victim of Texting war. Sad but true.

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