Shelby Ultimate Aero II becomes the Tuatara

ShelbyUnveiled last year, the SSC Ultimate Aero II has changed its name. Now, the supercar is named Shelby Tuatara.

In his presentation last year, the replacement for the SSC Ultimate Aero had just the name of SSC Ultimate Aero II. Shelby Supercar had explained that the name was temporary. It will still be used for almost a year. But things are finally changing. Jarod Shelby, the chairman of the brand, has unveiled a video (shown below) indicating the name of the new supercar: Tuatara.

Originally, the Tuatara is a reptile of New Zealand measuring about 80 cm. It is supposed to reflect the spirit of the craft. We imagine therefore rather high. For performance level, the SSC Tuatara has nothing to envy anyone.

Remember that the supercar will have a 7.0 liter V8 with two turbos developing approximately 1,350 horsepower through a triple-clutch transmission and a 7-speed box. Top speed is advertised at 442 km / h, or 1 km / h more than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which holds the world record for a production car (441.072 km / h). We are eager to see if the reptile keeps all its promises.Shelby

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