Small Sports Honda EV Concept: low-Civic convertible

Honda Small Sports EV ConceptWhat does Honda back to the Tokyo Motor Show? A lot of irrelevant stuff, but a sporty electric car, the Small Sports EV concept. Looking at the lines we see a very clear and Civic CRZ-elements, but with the usual concept traits.

Honda has not let a lot go on the car, but the sketches give an idea of ​​the model. If you give him from an angle it looks sleek, if you give him ceremoniously from the side not.
Honda Small Sports EV ConceptHere, the short wheelbase it a little trick I guess. Many OSM Concept I no longer return, but that was already three years ago.

Anyway, by the time of disclosure, we will undoubtedly see more of this concept, like so many cars in Tokyo, very nice to the environment.Honda Small Sports EV Concept

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