Smart fortwo electric charge in just 1 hour

Smart fortwo electric-drive-2011An electric smart fortwo has been around since 2007, and at the IAA in September will present smart version 3.0. And (on paper) looks like a relatively serious alternative to a smart with a combustion engine. This third-generation smart fortwo electric, for example (with a fast charging process) within 1 hour for 100% charged. That sounds a lot better than 8 hours to wait.

In April 2012, this new smart fortwo electric drive is delivered. In the electric fortwo was launched in 2009 worked with Tesla smart,  but that is no longer the case. The electric motor was developed by EM-motive (a joint venture of Daimler and Bosch), and the battery pack is from Deutsche motive battery.

This third generation of electric Smart will pk/130 75 Nm and therefore, a maximum speed of 120 + km / h (instead of 100 km / h) and sprints from 0 to 100 km / h is now in less than 13 seconds (a basic smart is doing about 16.8 seconds). With a full set of batteries to get smart by about 140 miles away. This is not extremely close, but many more miles do not you want to make a smart seem to me.

The smart fortwo electric drive will be in 30 countries and marketed in total grief expects that more than 10,000 copies will be built. If however, you are not using “Quick charging” the charging of your electric fortwo 8 hours instead of 1 hour.Smart fortwo electric-drive-2011

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