SMEs do a Brabusje: V12 in a GL500

Mercedes GL V12

To previously (at the magician’s post, correct me if I’m wrong) the only breeder who Brabus V12 transplants for Mercedii did with their CLS Rocket 800 is the last achievement. However, it now jumps tuner SMEs, known from the 1000 + hp SL65 BS,  also in the niche market of mounting twelve cylinders in Mercedes. Their first victim is the GL.

And that’s a fairly logical choice: it’s about the biggest Mercedes, and one of the few who has not Stuttgarter AMG treatment received. Topmotorisering the GL 500, with a big V8. However, that is not thick enough for some, and so they were shooting the achtpitter out and put a V12 in its place.

The block is an old friend: it’s the twin turbo that we stand in the x65 and x600 models found. This is a little more tickled to 670 horsepower, and fits quite easily into the engine compartment. 0 to 100 with the mastodon is now 4.4 seconds and maximum speed is gelmiteerd to 270 km / h. Sounds like a perfect container to another in the desert to go drifting, to see if he can.

If you let him transform you only have six months as deputy transportation arrange so long because SMEs working with your battleship. Cost? 217,568 euros. Excluding VAT, of course.

Mercedes GL V12

[Image: autoblog]

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