SpeedART cannot stay off the Panamera Diesel

Porsche Panamera PS9-300D

SpeedART loves everything from Porsche Panamera and therefore, had the added diesel to their portfolio. This is the PS9 – 300D.

Will we see the numbers through their first but just stomp it? This tickled by SpeedART Panamera Diesel has 300 hp and 650 Nm of torque under the hood, while a standard Diesel Panamera to make does with 250 hp and 550 Nm. That extra power is entrusted to the road through 22-inch wheels with rubber around it in the size 265 ZR22 ZR22 front and 305 rear. The rims are called Five Spoke Competition.

The aero kit is called PS9 and the front spoiler. Side skirts, diffuser, rear spoiler and additional air intakes. We know already from previous SpeedART Panamera small projects.

My opinion about this project, I love me, please judge for yourself without having to hear from me that I have a comment colleague Ricardo nothing but a dog kakkende for me to see when it’s going to Panamera. Oops, now I still verklap. Wonderful afternoon!

Porsche Panamera PS9-300D

[Image: autoblog]

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