Sport of the week: Lotus Elise Series 2

Lotus Elise S2At ten days of the Frankfurt Motor Show, where Lotus plans to present three new models and a limited edition, it is now up on the Series 2 Elise was released in 2001.

Recently, through its President Dany Bahar, Lotus has shown best in communication in action. The new models are slow in coming but that could change soon, especially with the arrival of designer Gordon Murray. In all cases, the manufacturer has announced an extensive program for the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. On the menu: a limited series (the concept of Evora Road 444 EWG horses recently presented at Pebble Beach), two options (automated manual box “Serial Precision Shift” automatic transmission and paddle shift “Intelligent Precision Shift”) and three new models especially. Among them, we certainly find the future Demands, which you were offered the spyshots yesterday, but also (and there,it was confirmed by Lotus) the replacement for the Elise SC: the Elise S and its new engine 1.8 220 liters of compressed horses.

These ads are an opportunity for us to return to the Elise. Not in its original 1996 version, but rather in that of 2001, that is to say, the Elise Series 2 (also called MK2). Like its predecessor, it takes an aluminum frame glued to the epoxy and baked. The suspension components are aluminum, thereby reducing the model, the historical obsession with the manufacturer. So, despite a few extra pounds over the original version, this MK2 Elise weighs less than 800 kg and then crushes the competition in this area.

This lightness allows the model to have very interesting performances, despite a smaller engine than its rivals. From 2001, therefore, Lotus expects the bankruptcy of Rover Group, which supplied the engines of the Elise a block of 1800 cm3, 16-valve developing 120 horsepower) and prepares for his Elise Series 2 a new version of the original Toyota in place since 2003. This is actually the Celica engine that develops 192 horsepower for only 1800 cm3 without turbo. Always placed at the rear center position, this block allows the device to present a good performance (0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds and 202 km / h maximum) and thanks to its weight, consumption very low.

Other substantive changes from the first Elise: style. If left to his successor some respects, the design is less influenced by the neo- retro to adopt a more angular and aggressive. Inshort, a more modern design. The headlights are not around but tapered, for example. Inside, comfort has also been reworked interior for a less extreme. Particularly, in terms of seats, steering wheel, and small items of comfort. However, to maintain a light weight, the counting is still required.

Still in production, the Series 2 Elise is actually a toy for amateur drivers. Rather affordable (less than 30 000 euros), the roadster is a real sport. With relative comfort, but great performances and fun to be offered to the driver at the wheel of a Lotus, one of the most authentic.Lotus Elise S2

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