Sports week: Lexus LFA

Lexus LFALaunched in 2009 after years of waiting, the Lexus LFA marked by its futuristic style and its enormous V10 with 560 horsepower.

Right now, Lexus is under the spotlight. Marketing of the CT 200h F Sport early 2012, IS-F restyled presented in Frankfurt, new GS launched at Pebble Beach … The Japanese manufacturer has several ongoing projects, communication and service it currently provides to heart’s content. This exhibition provides an opportunity to revisit one of the flagships of Lexus models: the LFA.

The supercar has appeared officially at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. However, long ago, we thought she would never come. For example, after long study on paper, a prototype was tested on the N├╝rburgring in 2004. A concept car was subsequently introduced in Detroit in 2007 and a roadster version, but still no final LFA. To date, in 2009 when, despite rumors of abandoning the project, Lexus is launching its GT. Finally!

A priori, this kind of car was not the specialty of the manufacturer. However, this is a first success. Interms of style, already, with its futuristic lines. 4.50 m long, the model is characterized by triangular headlights at the front, many air intakes (including Stern), the impressive side vents and a large rear spoiler. Inside, one finds this in the futuristic dashboard and center console.

As with every project supercar, Lexus has tried to reduce weight to a minimum. This work led to a weight of 1 480 kg interesting through the use of carbon fiber and aluminum. Suddenly, the V10 4.8-liter 560 horsepower for torque of 480 Nm at 6800 r / min can be expressed in full swing. He asked it, too. In terms of performance, coupled with a six-speed sequential gearbox, it gives a 0 to 100 km / h achieved in 3.7 seconds with a topspeed of 325 km / h. Impressive, but with the sound is simply stunning.

For this first supercar, sold around 240,000 euros, Lexus has surprisingly chosen to produce only 500 copies. The fact is that despite the exclusive side, the Lexus LFA has proven to be a masterstroke for the manufacturer. The latter has already planned to launch a roadster version with a concept has already been presented in the past. Hopefully, the model is expected to arrive in 2014.Lexus LFA

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