Spy Shots: Peugeot 301

Peugeot 301

The Peugeot 301 you say? Yes, that’s no typo. It’s like this: A successor to the 308, but there was quite recently a 309, which pretty rhinoceros dick sucked pretty hard. And so goes to the Peugeot unpleasant association with the badge away from the ‘301 ‘.

There were indeed a 301 already, but it was somewhere in the 30s, so that you can only remember demented grandmother. Oh wait ..

The 301 is a body of a mule-308 installed, but a quick glance at the wheel arches betrays that we are still developing a model to do. It seems that the wheelbase has shrunk a bit, but the car looks more widely. Entirely in line with the 208 The 301 also seems to be lighter and more agile.

He comes to stand on the platform where the C4 and DS4 to be built, and anyway we can in terms of the engine and the 1.6 THP known dieselbloken expect.

A HYbrid4 is not unlikely, as well as three-cylinder below the range. In design is a mix between the 208 and the SR1 Concept. Expected release: 2013.

And when they switch to names instead of numbers? It is equally in the air, but so does Peug still pretty full with the 3-digit combinations.
(Image: autoblog.nl)

Peugeot 301

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