Star tech knows how to handle the Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Lowering kit, wheels, power cure, in short: more masculinity is coming to the Evoque.

And that could be used Evoque. There is rumors that Wouter specifically for this car is its has to grow because he would not sound like fashion would find one to do this partly by fashion icon Victoria Beckham (You know,the fashion doll ever damaged your hearing as Spice Girl and now let’s push through the English football gentleman) designed Ukkepuk Range Rover.

Star tech the Evoque now boasts a full anabolic cure that just a little woman who gets off edges. There is an effective cure is available for 2.0 petrol engine, but the specs of these stores Startech a little for the Dubai Motor Show.

What they reveal is that there already is a choice of 20, 21 and 22-inch wheels. There is also a sports exhaust and an available verlagingsset mounted so that the Evoque 35 mm less far from the asphalt will be placed. The body kit is also not to be missed.

For the interior design by Victoria, there are several upgrades available, including Alcantara and “premium leather” for example. This premium leather will come at Audi or something? All inlay panels can be freely replaced by wood or carbon fiber, which of course is quite flashy.

The Startech Range Rover Evoque will be the Dubai International Motor Show (November 10 to 14) live debut.

Range Rover Evoque

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