Super Duration: Aston Martin Cygnet with a gold edge

Aston Martin Cygnet Gold

Hello plebs, Aston Martin here. Have you been drooling at the dealership run to Cygnet to find out? No? You certainly cannot  afford it eh! To rub it in. Now we show that a Cygnet just got a gold treatment at the HQ in Gaydon. Nanananaanaa!

An Aston Martin with a 1.3-liter engine that delivers 98 horsepower biting, who would have imagined. Fortunately, this form of downsizing only a gerebadgde Toyota intends to reduce average CO2 emissions of the brand to get down.

The luxury city car costs in the Netherlands just under 50 grand. Aston Martin ever suggested the idea that one first had to have a real Aston Martin before the Cygnet could be purchased, but there they are given up.

As Robbie is already predicted that chrome-with-a-color another, very large. The reason behind this wrap-action is unknown to us, but Aston Martin plempte the photos of this thing just smiles on their Facebook. Recovers the glorified Toyota IQ is a little on, or would you now want a Facebook ‘dislike’ button to have?

Aston Martin Cygnet Gold

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