Suzuki Regina, what are you ugly up to close?

Suzuki Regina Concept

For the Tokyo Motor Show, On November 30th the door’s open, Suzuki concept car that we are planning. Green outside, and this is a proverbial way for what is happening Concept subcutaneously in Regina.

The appearance is that as we concept cars expect: bold, innovative, and while slightly on the ugly side. As if he is already cautious in some places is melting. However, this car is highly aerodynamic tinkering to keep the consumption good, and that is also immediately the idea behind this car. The Regina Concept looks at future compact models of the marks must navigate with economical fuel.

The concept is just 3.55 meters tall and weighs 730 kg. Under the hood lies a 800cc block, which is assisted by a turbocharged and coupled to a CVT automatic gearbox. C02 emission’s thanks to a low resistance and things like stop / start system, only 70 grams per kilometer.

In addition to the 14% class! The consumption-the manufacturer-1 at 32 km.

The interior is fitted with seats, and many future displays, and Suzuki have also revealed little about the car. Probably leave them at the Tokyo Motor Show details go. You all can go to study as the editors of have sunk their teeth into this green Jap.

Suzuki Regina Concept

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