Suzuki Swift Sport comes, yay for hot hatches!

Suzuki Swift ConceptHot hatchbacks rule, that’s a fact. And it seems that Suzuki is going to do it all again in this market!

Suzuki Swift vernaggelde KEK looking through last year a good facelift making factories over it. Sin, but they made ​​it this spring in Geneva a little good by the Suzuki Swift Concept S present. A nice thick look that we would hear about later. Suzuki Russia has now released details about the spicy Swift.

The name is Suzuki Swift Sport. The GTI badge will remain in the closet, which may be retained for a project even hotter. However, the Swift Sport is a direct competitor to the Volkswagen Polo GTI. To ensure that the Swift Sport is ready to fight the creature is currently being tested on the Nürburgring. Early next year the thing into production.

It is a three-door Swift with the looks of the concept car from Geneva . The aggressive front bumper, rear spoiler, diffuser and side skirts are preserved for the production model, says Suzuki. Consequently, the Swift Sport approximately 60 millimeters wide. The sport is of course lowered and gets thick 18-inch multi-spoke wheels.

The horsepower supplied by a 1.6 block with 136 hp. And it saves us doubt it. Is that enough for the life of the Polo GTI (180 hp) and Fiesta ST (still in development but reportedly with about 180 hp) miserable? The Swift is perhaps a bit smaller and lighter, but 40 hp is a big difference, maybe you can focus more on the example Fiesta Metal . The Swift Sport is also available with a six-speed manual or (for the first time) with an automatic transmission with shift paddles on the steering wheel.
You may need to be too much for Suzuki called on the competition, but that does not mean that we should look for pleasure again a nice hot hatch.Suzuki Swift Concept

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