Volkswagen plans Bulli concept into production

Volkswagen Bulli

Volkswagen BulliAccording to “insiders” (you know them) would seriously consider Volkswagen Bulli the beginning of this year was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in actual production. And thus, the Bulli the second model in the “Heritage” line of Volkswagen to be. The Beetle is obviously the model that other “series”.

The Bulli in Geneva had been fitted with an electric motor (ideal for hippies), but the final production version will simply be provided with petrol and diesel engines. Like the Beetle , the production version of the Bulli probably also be built in Puebla, Mexico. Otherwise it will not start production before 2014. That gives Ford plenty of time and opportunities to annoying teaser campaigns to come.

When Bulli was revealed in the press release also hinted that there is already a production version could ever come, but we heard for years about the Microbus concept that 10 years ago was unveiled by Volkswagen. Whether this is being pursued Bulli a different fate than the Microbus , we have to just see.

Incidentally do Designer Walter de’Silva is that Volkswagen has retro look, thanks to distinguish the Korean and Chinese competitors.Volkswagen Bulli

Found! The ugliest minivan ever

Mauck Executive

Mauck ExecutiveGod’s Ugly ugly from the outside, more luxurious than a Rolls Royce from the inside.

Make no mistake this deformed monster who is currently for-sale stands. Although young people have nightmares of his appearance this party bus simply fitted with double doors (at least, a kind of), a toilet, a bar, a microwave, refrigerator and lots of electronics, including this 22-inch LCD screen. According to the advertiser is always driven by a bus driver and the then owner to convert the entire Rambam, in 1998.

We do not have to reveal your set in which country this Mauck Executive for sale. Anyone wishing to offer can log on to eBay, where the highest bid is $ 33,400.Mauck ExecutiveMauck Executive

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