Lotus Exige R-GT is ready for rally action

Lotus Exige R-GT

Lotus Exige R-GT

In Frankfurt we made ​​not only to know the stretched Exige S ( 350 hp baby! ), these R-GT version was to shine. Okay, anyone who wants to see Lotus epic rally ride must now learn his finger.

After 30 years get away from Lotus returns to have been back in the World Rally Championship (WRC). they do it right, because the car that takes action based on the new V6-powered Exige S.

Gerolkooide The Lotus comes from a new FIA Rally class the first trials take place on the asphalt of Monte Carlo, San Remo and Tour de Corse. The car weighs 1,200 kg and according to Lotus is driving these rallybak for novice drivers a breeze.

Specifications and other crap:

– Steel roll cage specifically designed and ASN and FIA homologated, Bolted and bonded on the original aluminum frame
– Weight: 1200 kg axle by FIA R-GT Technical Regulation
– Front and rear specific underbody protections
– WRC style crew Side Protection and Lexan side windows
– Roof deck air scoop

– Front and rear double A-arms
– 3 ways adjustable dampers front and rear specific

– 3.5l supercharged V6
– Power 302 bhp
– 34 mm air restrictors as required by FIA rules for tech R-GT

– 6 ratio sequential gearbox, final drives two homologated
– LSD differential
– Specific halfshafts

– Front and rear disc Specific and bells
– Upgraded front and rear calipers
– Hydraulic “fly-off” HandBrake
– Improved air cooling
– Wheels and tires
– 7”x 17”front rims 8”x18”alternative front rims
– 205-62/17 front tire
– 8”x 18”rear rims
– 225-65/18 rear tire

Lotus Exige R-GT

Lotus Exige S has a V6. Finally!

Lotus Exige S V6

Lotus Exige S V6

A 3.5-liter V6 that we know from the Evora S, instead of a 1.8 liter four cylinders. Lotus has the general auto memo about downsizing as not received. I believe.
So this is where Lotus was referring to the somewhat unconventional teaser last week. A reference to the additional power of the Lotus, of course.

In 2010, the Exige S to retire. It had a 225 hp and 181 Nm 1.8 VVT-i board and weighed 935 kg. Now the S back with a fucking engine almost twice as much content. BAM!

This trim provides the Exige 350 hp and 400 Nm, 0-100 in an approximately 3.8 seconds, 0-160 in 7.9 seconds and top speed to around 274 km / h (170 mph) .

Of course, this ale a price: weight increased from 935 kg to 1,080 kg. Furthermore, had a piece of the back extended to make room for the increased power, which naturally placed at the only place that belongs to a sports car in the middle.
Furthermore,, you have a little content with your right foot, unless you frequently keep fuel because the fuel does not measure more than 40 liters.

Lotus Exige S V6

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