Super Duration: Aston Martin Cygnet with a gold edge

Aston Martin Cygnet Gold

Aston Martin Cygnet Gold

Hello plebs, Aston Martin here. Have you been drooling at the dealership run to Cygnet to find out? No? You certainly cannot  afford it eh! To rub it in. Now we show that a Cygnet just got a gold treatment at the HQ in Gaydon. Nanananaanaa!

An Aston Martin with a 1.3-liter engine that delivers 98 horsepower biting, who would have imagined. Fortunately, this form of downsizing only a gerebadgde Toyota intends to reduce average CO2 emissions of the brand to get down.

The luxury city car costs in the Netherlands just under 50 grand. Aston Martin ever suggested the idea that one first had to have a real Aston Martin before the Cygnet could be purchased, but there they are given up.

As Robbie is already predicted that chrome-with-a-color another, very large. The reason behind this wrap-action is unknown to us, but Aston Martin plempte the photos of this thing just smiles on their Facebook. Recovers the glorified Toyota IQ is a little on, or would you now want a Facebook ‘dislike’ button to have?

Aston Martin Cygnet Gold

Lexus 200h is Planers CT with air-ride

Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200hThose dirty hippies! That she is driving a hybrid thing, but they just go our tarmac scraping goes very far!

Greenpeace kidding, calm down. The CT 200h is a hybrid that is somewhat interesting to mention their appearance. Unfortunately, since the original golden concept a lot of sharp edges have been lost, including the height and color. That’s where the company Air Runner Systems (aka Air Bomber) is a solution: adjustable air suspension and a lick of gold paint.

The Lexus 200h CT comes with air-ride with a belly to lie neatly on the floor. Sure that the fans of stance perspectives with this stuff. Now a decent set of wheels for the CT and found a significant performance upgrade and the picture starts to get pretty full. The difference between the highest and lowest position is an impressive 11 inches to 10.5 inches and the rear wheels to. The operation of the system is done with a fine gloss controller in the car. Too? You can use it quite easily yourself by screws and spulletje fit neatly in place of the spare costs and no luggage.Lexus CT 200h

Pagani Zonda R with functional film

Pagani Zonda R

Pagani Zonda RToday provides just about every owner of a “special” four-wheeler car wrap with a layer of foil,  but of course not really necessary. They do it purely for the show. How different is that in this case? Because what we see here is a brand-new  Pagani Zonda R . Which is also equipped with the necessary film, but it is only (temporarily) to protect the bare carbon fiber.

As the lucky new owner car has not yet accepted it is so neat that she was from Pagani Zonda R until then just have provided a protective layer. It would be a bit sour when a new scratch or damage your car in before you can do it yourself.
And as a bonus we see behind the Zonda R is also one of the test versions of the recently unveiled Huayra standing with its doors open. It’s funny to compare how different the doors of the Huayra compared to that of the Zonda R.

Yellow Ferrari 250 GTO, but in miniature

Ferrari 250 GTO Gold

Ferrari 250 GTO GoldAnyone has a 24-carat replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO? It certainly fits well with your home if you live in a house with wheels natural lives.

The expensive-looking model of the legendary 250 GTO to THIS photo is the result of the hard work of one Dante Rubli, Swiss artist. The “unveiling” at the upcoming car party at Pebble Beach, held annually on the third Sunday of August. What exorbitant amount on the price tag will be written is still unknown, it is the artist-he made ​​earlier outfielder miniatures of the Aston Martin DB5 and Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, is planning to make 10 pieces.

Chances are the main English radio & Ferari adept Chris Evans already has tapped one on the head, which was a revelation at all nice to drool at the shiny car.
Famous Ferrari collector and British television and radio presenter Chris Evans was invited to Monaco to sculpture unveils the latest in the award-winning Swiss artist’s series depicting iconic sports cars: the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. Shaft owner or an original 250 GTO, chassis number 4675 GT, Chris Evans was the ideal person to lift the veil, and the new 1:8 scale Ferrari Enzo or interpretation’s greatest creation was revealed to the world.Ferrari 250 GTO Gold

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