Small Sports Honda EV Concept: low-Civic convertible

Honda Small Sports EV Concept

Honda Small Sports EV ConceptWhat does Honda back to the Tokyo Motor Show? A lot of irrelevant stuff, but a sporty electric car, the Small Sports EV concept. Looking at the lines we see a very clear and Civic CRZ-elements, but with the usual concept traits.

Honda has not let a lot go on the car, but the sketches give an idea of ​​the model. If you give him from an angle it looks sleek, if you give him ceremoniously from the side not.
Honda Small Sports EV ConceptHere, the short wheelbase it a little trick I guess. Many OSM Concept I no longer return, but that was already three years ago.

Anyway, by the time of disclosure, we will undoubtedly see more of this concept, like so many cars in Tokyo, very nice to the environment.Honda Small Sports EV Concept

Honda AC-X plugin puts VW XL1 to the crown

Honda AC-X Concept

Honda AC-X Concept

Both in looks and in terms of consumption, because this plug-in hybrid concept would have a consumption of 1:110!
Not only, a funky electric convertible but also a plug-in hybrid, which is the main achievements of Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show (early December). Here, we look at a four-door coupe-like Insight, AKA the Advanced X-Cruiser (AC-X).

The plug-in is powered by a 1.6 liter engine, coupled to an electric power supply, which together account for about 126 hp. If he is charged and filled with petrol, then you do with Kyoto to Tokyo and back ride, because the range is 1000 km adoption.

The AC-X has two different modes (modified?) To operate: Engine and automatic. In the first case, both power sources approached for maximum performance in the second position. The two combined to the demand for power. Is the quiet ride, then the electric endeavor, if not, then jumps to the combustion engine?

The interior is, like the super-futuristic design: fans of big clubs can have fun in the cockpit. Further details are scarce, but will surely follow in due course.

UPDATE: There were mixed reports of consumption, ranging from 100 mpg to 260 mpg. Meanwhile, we have had contact with Honda and it turns out to be a consumption of 0.9 liters per 100 km, comparable to the Volkswagen XL1!

Honda AC-X Concept

Floods in Thailand: Honda Civic comes later

Honda Civic yellow

Honda Civic yellow

That’s bad luck for Honda, ensuring the floods in Thailand is just that the introduction of the new Civic significant delays. It shows once again how complex modern supply chains are.

As you may know, the European Honda Civic Built Swindon in England, but an important part of the suppliers is in Thailand. And that suppliers are hard hit by the floods. And so it can provide a flood in Thailand will ensure that a car built in England will be delayed.

Originally, it was planned that the new Civic would arrive at dealers in January, but now that moved 3 to 4 weeks.

“We are Closely watching the supply-chain  situation. Right now we fear the new Civic introduction Will Be Delayed by three to four weeks’

However, the Dutch importer prices now released. The cheapest Civic costs 18,990 euros and he gives you a 1.4 S with 100 hp. Do you want more power? Then choose a 1.8 S (142 hp), which starts at 21,990 euros. Diesel (2.2, 150 hp) is from 27,790 temporary and there is a fashion business that only costs 26,990 euros.
PS This delay gives VW of course some extra time to the Gulf VII better place.

Honda Civic yellow

The new Honda NSX will be radically different

Honda NSX

Congratulations, fans of Japanese supecars. The NSX is coming back (old news-alert)! In February, Honda had already known that the development of the NSX has again started,  and months later came a rumor that this sometimes rolls a hybrid could be.  Now Honda’s boss Takanobu Ito unveiled at the IAA more about this future car.

Honda NSX

At the German Motor Show Ito confirmed once again that the Honda NSX absolutely does come, while “radically different” than its predecessor will be. It is undoubtedly a compartment where you’re smiling from ear to ear to be able to drive, but do not think the power will be measured, for example, the Lexus LFA.  No power-V10 is a V8 will not reach the final stage. Then perhaps it like a V6 with hybrid smoke already predicted? And would once again a mid-engine-edition or is not “radically different” enough?

Chances are they will choose a hybrid. Honda’s CEO, wanted nothing to release the specs or the NSX as we expect, but he did know where they will insist, the horsepower / weight ratio. Instead of constantly adding horsepower Honda chooses therefore simply to make the car a lot lighter and more efficient. More lightweight and less air resistance. So you can probably continue to keep up with the competition while drivel that you really care about the environment. Smart!

The previous generation of NSX’jes had a V6 on board, in the latest 294-bhp 5.7 and count to one hundred could sprint. His successor must obviously do better in performance, fuel-efficient Honda and show that not only hangs together muesli models. That it might be quite exciting when Honda was allowed Ito himself noticed, and he came at the IAA with the following statement.

“Our Efforts have recently focused on fuel efficiency leg, And That gives the impression Perhaps Honda is pushing behind with the brand image of sportiness, but let me Assure You That’s not the case. We will address That impression with our new generations of cars. “

In short, the sporty nature of Honda’s not gone by the big boss, and that we will in future be seen in the models. We can only applaud, of course.

Honda NSX

[Image: autoblog]

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