Road test: Hyundai Velo Star

Hyundai Velo Star

Hyundai Velo StarWith the Velo Star, Hyundai put down a product that is a cross between a hatchback and a coupe.  In terms of lines is simply a coupe, but the additional rear door offers a convenient passenger entry, and is also the unique selling point of the new addition in the Hyundai lineup.

Hyundai hammering in recent years firmly on the road in the car world. With a distinctive design and a familiar family face is the Korean brand managed to become one of the biggest players on the world stage. At the same time, clearly a volume brand, that the bulk of its turnover from solid, ‘sensible’ cars. With the advent of the Velo Star, Hyundai puts a hip, coupe-like in the market, which strongly deviates from the beaten track.
Hyundai Velo StarAlready in 2007 a ​​concept was presented at the Seoul Motor Show, the resulting production model that was four years later in Detroit showed more similarities with the concept than expected: a sleek, low coupe line and a nice cheeky mug. For some, the lines as ‘too busy’ happen, but that’s the whole point: modesty is not a term in the Velo Star applies.

The 1160-kg Velo Star is available at its introduction in the fully developed, 140-hp 1.6 GDI engine atmospheric. The engine delivers a maximum torque of 167 Nm and is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. People who do not love themselves turn to wait: later Hyundai introduces a DCT-speed gearbox in the Velo Star.
Hyundai Velo StarNetherlands since you really compete with your car when low CO2 emissions and has a green label. The car has a start-stop system, the average consumption (5.6 liters per 100 km) and emissions further bring down (132 g per km.). The Velo Star has an A-label is in addition to the 20% category, and so very few BPM taps off. Becauseof this, the additional purchase price under control: from 23,995 euros, take one back. Lovers of more luxury can opt for the better-equipped models, which are respectively 26,995 and 29,995 euros from the hand.
Hyundai Velo StarThe specimen was driven by our brand new, and that was evident: engine, clutch plates and bands had a moment to enjoy the time in which to work. In itself logical for a car that is not 1000 km on the clock, but also a bit sad when you have a car to feel firm to the tooth.

The engine is smooth and can easily keep the revs are kept. When a father of 60 calls on the shift indicator you kindly to switch to the fifth gear, and when you are on a constant speed, this without complaining, and you have even a little torque to sit by pulling toward the 70. However, if you seriously want to speed you need at least two gears back, just above 4,000 rpm. It is sluggish off the GDI truly awake. It is never quite vicious, but at a higher speed, it feels responsive to the Velo Star. The handling seems to be pretty tight, but these were the brand-new tires too much a limiting factor to the car really auto blog-style on the rack to explain.
Hyundai Velo StarClearly Hyundai is aiming for the Velo Star sporty, urban-hip people with a taste that is not afraid to use something different to ride. To properly target audience is the standard car with 17 “alloy delivered the two versions have even higher 18” in the wheel arches. More pronounced in the body colors, this is also reflected in the center of the rim, in my opinion, a successful detail. Inside the car jump, in particular, the separate styled door handles directly in the eye, which are also still functional. Furthermore, make this happen, the connectivity for USB devices and Bluetooth. If it works at least … The Hyundai gentleman who is very enthusiastic during the presentation talked about how easily he could telephone links in the Velo Star made me curious, but unfortunately, it failed miserably at my (Korean) phone. Let it rather be growing pains.
Hyundai Velo StarThe interior is functional and pretty no-nonsense. Unfortunately, the abundance of C-pillar and the lack of the window on the driver in terms of visibility is poor. You have just as well see if you do not accidentally take a child’s bicycle as you turn left. A blind corner assistant would be in the option program are a good addition. Furthermore, the view in the mirror momentarily gets used by the panoramic sunroof that extends into the diamond back kind of laughter you get a mirror effect. Your drivers behind this seem a lot wider than they actually are (which in some cars is also a big improvement).

When we look at the competition from the Velo Star, then thefirst three names to me: VW Scirocco, Renault Megane Coupe, Honda CR-Z. Thefirst two cars are thoroughbred coupe’s, with the Mégane only slightly in price with it. Once the VW is a little dress is a suit, he is once expensive, but you can still have a nice peppery version of the Velo Star, who will no doubt repeatedly his tail showing. The CR-Z looks quite nice, but is similar in performance to cry, so there we really do not.
Hyundai Velo StarIf we are considering the above, we can only conclude that there is a thing lacking in the Velo Star. Is it a diesel? No. It’s a nice spicy, kicking ass engine. Fortunately, our prayers are answered soon, as the Korean technicians are as we speak working a 1.6-T GDI together to screw a turbo block expected to be less than 210 hp. And then you join the big boys. Block is expected to be officially launched next year, and it is his baptism of fire live in the Velo Star, which then can easily develop into GTI / Scirocco-killer.

With the Velo Star, Hyundai launches a fun car for those looking for something flash ends in the category between 20 and 30,000 euros. With its distinctive styling is a love it or hate it “model, but nothing but respect for them the Hyundai car in this form put on the market. The design direction the brand was very successful, but lacked a car with balls (if weGenesis coupe aside from) a bit. However, it is a little tiny ball, but hopefully a little extra pumped Hyundai steroids in the Velo Star with the introduction of the T-GDI.Hyundai Velo Star

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