RENNtech SLR SLR777 is the fastest in the world

Mercedes SLR777

Mercedes SLR777

A collaboration between various tuners and stylers have led to this result, the SLR777.

We are talking about Platinum Motorsport, RENNtech, MACarbon, Exotics Boutique and Mansory. The aerodynamic body comes from the Mansory Renovatio body RENNtech mainly responsible for the performance upgrade.

That upgrade includes a custom supercharger, which increases the capacity to around 770 bhp (574 kW / 781 PS). This quarter, the SLR / mile in 10.29 seconds, a speed of 216 km / h (134 mph).

Mercedes SLR777

McLaren: two new models in the pipeline

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12CAccording to many sources, McLaren is working on two new models for 2013-2014, respectively, in order to compete with the Lamborghini Aventador and Porsche 911.

Currently, McLaren has only one car in its catalog: the MP4-12C, code named P11, also with the GT3 version. This is the first model to be produced from F1 in 1992. For a manufacturer, it is very low. Furthermore, obviously, it wants the situation to change.

Cabriolet versions of the supercar and sports are indeed in the pipeline for the coming months. However, according to several, sources relayed by our colleagues at MotorTrend. McLaren will also consider expanding its range with two new models.

The first (code name P12) would result in F1. To be placed below the MP4-12C which incorporated the structure, the machine is supposed to be a competitor to the Lamborghini Aventador with power increased to about 800 horses, against 600 for the current 3.8 liter V8 biturbo. The second (code name P13) would be a less exclusive sporting responsible for encroaching on the border of the Porsche 911.

If the two models will resume the basis of the MP4-12C, they should ultimately be radically different. It remains to be seen whether these projects will materialize. There is talk of an exit from P12 to P13 2013 and 2014. However, nothing has been confirmed by McLaren. However, the arrival of a billionaire in Singapore (Lim Peter) in the group, as well as recent investments in the manufacturing plant, suggest that the builder works well on large projects.

Pebble Beach 2011: out of the McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive Edition

McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive Edition

McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive EditionTo meet the demands of certain customers, McLaren unveiled at the Pebble Beach Edition Exclusive MP4-12, the first special edition of its supercar.

We remember, last year, the McLaren MP4-12C had its debut in North America in the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach. A year later, the English manufacturer is back on the land in California with a little surprise: a McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive Edition.

This is actually the first special edition of the famous supercar. This version was created specifically to meet the expectations of some clients. On the agenda: many changes and upgrades. One orange satin, the MP4-12C has new wings for more aerodynamic, with a windshield made of carbon fiber, a grid to protect the engine, and a cover in carbon exhaust outlets. The wheels and the roof come with a black color.

According to McLaren, this special edition of his MP4-12C will cost buyers the sum of 187,000 euros.McLaren MP4-12C Exclusive Edition

Mercedes SLR gets more wheels and Wheelsandmore

Mercedes SLR Wheelsandmore

Mercedes SLR WheelsandmoreEarlier today we saw how Wheelsandmore the R8 GT had gefriemeld,  but that was not the only news of the tuning Toko. Incidentally, the ingenious Germans taken to graze at an SLR. Furthermore, is “he benefits?

The work of AMG these guys are not unknown,  but half a McLaren, they had not previously been on the rack. About the act of the rete expensive SLR, they were just not quite to speak (to them just to quote: “Wheelsandmore Arrives at the Conclusion That the nervous suspension setup needs a Thorough overhaul.” ), so they together with KW a new suspension made the car closer to the road and cornering turn should benefit. Furthermore, they fill the wheel arches with 20 “rims 6Sporz ² surrounded Dunlop Sport Maxx rubber covers.

Let them have the power alone? But of course not. Pfff, who takes well satisfied with 623 hp? Exactly, and so did the engineers have a new compressor to run for the 5.4 V8. Along with modified electronics, these procedures ensure that the power lead at 707 horsepower (slightly less than that of Edo ) and 915 Nm of torque. Sprint to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds should now succeed. And no, that’s still faster than a GT-R of the new generation.Mercedes SLR Wheelsandmore

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