Take it away: Skoda Octavia VRS with 600 hp

Skoda Octavia VRS

Skoda Octavia VRSTo show that Skoda is not as stupid as most people think the UK importer in recent months to develop this brutal machine. It is a tuned Octavia RS , which up to 600 horsepower from its standard 2.0 TSI and therefore will try to compress a record drop in the salt flats of Bonneville.

The goal is to use the tuned Octavia a speed of 322 + km / h drop. The engine under the hood is based on the standard 2.0 TSI that we know of the VAG group and with an extra large turbo, 120 RON race fuel and some other tweaks engine now delivers about 550-600 hp and 450 Nm max torque. Switching is done with the manual six-speed from a Skoda Octavia II Green Line and the wheels are very horny 15 “GreenLine Skoda rims (with manhole covers on it).

This racer is his 20001450 pounds is also 55 pounds heavier than a standard Octavia RS. Whether it will succeed in Skoda decent performance drop we will soon find out.Skoda Octavia VRS

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