Star tech knows how to handle the Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Lowering kit, wheels, power cure, in short: more masculinity is coming to the Evoque.

And that could be used Evoque. There is rumors that Wouter specifically for this car is its has to grow because he would not sound like fashion would find one to do this partly by fashion icon Victoria Beckham (You know,the fashion doll ever damaged your hearing as Spice Girl and now let’s push through the English football gentleman) designed Ukkepuk Range Rover.

Star tech the Evoque now boasts a full anabolic cure that just a little woman who gets off edges. There is an effective cure is available for 2.0 petrol engine, but the specs of these stores Startech a little for the Dubai Motor Show.

What they reveal is that there already is a choice of 20, 21 and 22-inch wheels. There is also a sports exhaust and an available verlagingsset mounted so that the Evoque 35 mm less far from the asphalt will be placed. The body kit is also not to be missed.

For the interior design by Victoria, there are several upgrades available, including Alcantara and “premium leather” for example. This premium leather will come at Audi or something? All inlay panels can be freely replaced by wood or carbon fiber, which of course is quite flashy.

The Startech Range Rover Evoque will be the Dubai International Motor Show (November 10 to 14) live debut.

Range Rover Evoque

There is an extra hot Evoque (300 hp) in the pipeline

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque after a long journey for (it started four years ago with the LRX ) finally on sale gone. So what do you do when you have finished your strengths? You make a new pair. The soft-roader to the diesel variants is now confined to a 240 hp gasoline engine 2 liters available. And that is obviously better.

Range Rover has a reputation to uphold when it comes to feeding a lot of horsepower to their models. We all know the big blocks in the V8 models, with the top 5.0 V8 Supercharged.  However, expected (yet) a big V8 in the Evoque (that would fit at all?).

Instead, the model free radical turn in the opposite direction: Autocar spoke with the head of the program Evoque David Mitchell, and alludes to an upgrade of the existing 2.0 liter engine. Combined with a high-pressure turbocharger, a power of about 300 hp should be achievable. The block has been developed, and Mitchell has been ridden, but there seems not to have been given the green light.

This may be since all performance versions of the name Range Rover supercharged meekrijgen. A more powerful turbo would therefore not be consistent. “We’ll have to look at badges or a sub-brand,” said Mitchell. I call bullshit. These extra strong Evoque just comes naturally.

Range Rover Evoque

[Image: autoblog]

Bowler watches out: there is an Evoque to Dakar

Dakar Evoque

Dakar Evoque

Is the women’s car now cool?

“Yes,” it seems to me a pretty safe answer. It must be weird to walk the rally version of a car just as groggy look like the standard model. Fender and Slides have been doing a lot of good, decent, and finally a normal size for functional rubber wheels makes it for me.

The team behind this wanted to Evoque to the 2012 Dakar Rally with this car. Hard fight against the Bowlers and of course especially Volkswagen .

Now this car is not entirely fair. Everything is “homemade” by Rabe Race Cars.  Up front is a BMW 3.0 six-cylinder  diesel (275pk/650Nm). Shifting is a 6-speed ZF racebak coupled to a 2-speed transfer case (high / low gear ring). A 260 liters tank provides sufficient coverage. It weighs 1900kg eventually. It has already looked better than the comparable accumulated Countryman last year.

Dakar Evoque

[Image: autoblog]

Gespot: Range Stormer

Range Stormer

Range StormerIt began in 2004 with a concept based on a Land Rover. Later, this concept for hatchback, which conquered the market under the name ‘Range Rover Sport. ” There was still a small market for the original concept.

West Coast Customs then went to work for more copies of the Range Stormer building. An orange specimen went to Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom, the Crown Prince of Dubai. Another copy was shown that white car coming from Qatar.

The Range Stormer is not just a Range Rover with three doors. The car is made with great attention to detail. On the outside is that the car has been a potent appearance. The wheel arches has been built on the bonnet and a suggestive bump, which incidentally has no function. What is not noticeable when the car is closed, the fact that the two-door open? The top section swings open electronically controlled tilted up, down where the bottom is hinged for easy entry. The tailgate opens in two parts.

Inside is also much to discover. First, notice that the car is equipped with four individual seats, which incidentally are less soft then they appear. It has to do with the brand philosophy, because roughness is part of Range Rover. The interior includes leather, oak, and aluminum, a combination that stresses the Range Stormer is for comfort and luxury in a trendy jacket rather than traditional. A DVD player with screens is impossible to imagine. Or simply fold. In the back are two screens, there is a front. When not in use they disappear from sight.

What neither the exterior nor the interior clearly visible is Terrain Response. This is a system that the chassis can be adjusted to six different types of soil:
Damping for normal-road as you come across every day.
-dynamic damping for driving at high speeds
on slippery roads, as in the grass, on gravel, snow and
-deep (muddy) track
, rocky terrain

This mainly shows that the concept car is designed for all kinds of new ideas for the future, then try, but it would be such that Range Stormer once in a while a desert in the Middle East, calling at.Range Stormer

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