Audi stops no gearbox in the new S4/S5

Audi S5 Coupe 2012

Audi S5 Coupe 2012

Times are hard for lovers of power and its own sedans clutch pedal. Bit by bit like the MTs to disappear from the landscape, in favor of DSG boxes or machines. The following list of victims? The face lifted Audi S4 and S5. Than in Europe because the U.S. you can still just train your own right.

And give the manufacturers another wrong: if you look at the sales of anything over 300 hp, with an MT, you come to a very low percentage, I think. Alternative transmissions are more fuel efficient (for more resistance and timely gear changes). You get a rapper with acceleration times, and as you stand ready to take, then you can do it by  paddles on the steering wheel. Of course, it costs a bit more gear, but the already substantial amount of purchasing power a sedan that is bad. And besides, the sporty manual transmission is a myth.

And so and dumped Lamborghini and Ferrari him overboard, and rumored about some high-end Porsche 911’jes. Porsche offers the same or still a new 7MT in the 911 (991), and BMW seems the fight against DSG not to have given up, witness this picture the new M5. Whether that is very wise almost constant 700 Nm at your rear wheels is questionable, but hey, who are we to us to wonder.

However, back to Audi: we are not 100% sure, since contact us by phone is a not reachable, but Audi enthusiast site Fourtitude report this here. They have contacted Audi and with the following quote:

They (Europe) lose the manual. We keep the manual!

100% confirmed, Although I do not know what other markets also get to keep it.

I do not want to fear for my life when I leave the office. The manual transmission enthusiasts are passionate … umm … Individuals.

Save the Manuals!

Is the world upside down? Americans are yet still known as haters of MTs. On the other hand, PS-loving Americans may not be as the representative of the rest of the population. And honestly, how bad is it if there is indeed no MT in Europe? Without it you actually do all you want ..

UPDATE 09-11: We have just had contact with Audi, and they did indeed confirm that the S4 / 5 MT will be delivered without time being. Of the total sales S4 has about a 20% MT, and the S4-sales comprise only 0.2% of all A4 sales. At very powerful models is also the question of regular forces to the hand baking. On the other hand, almost contemporary group Porsche has just developed a new 7MT that can take a beating …

How this will pick out for models like the R8 and the TT-RS. We must wait and see, but the chance is there of course that also the S-tronic will be pushed considerably.

Audi S5 Coupe 2012

BMW is within 2-3 years with laser lights

BMW Active Safety

BMW Active Safety

That behind the scenes of manufacturers are working on new technologies such as laser light is nothing new. But the technology has BMW appears within 2 to 3 years to apply.

Last month, BMW (1 day before the unveiling of the Audi A2 concept with laser light, coincidence? ) technology with extensive discussion of their laser lights.

Inside Line now know, after a conversation with BMWs lampenman, to report that the technology is ready for use. There is only one practical application (ie a car that expensive enough to justify the additional cost of this gadget) waited.

The advantage of LEDs over lasers is that the system is 1,000 times brighter and 100 times smaller seem to be. The car of the future would therefore no longer need headlights as they are now, which raises the question of how the front of the future looks like. Meanwhile, BMW has released a series of photos on their Active Safety’ project, including laser lights. These are listed below.

BMW Active Safety

[Image: autoblog]

Next Corvette gets 7-speed manual

Corvette Stingray Concept (Transformers 2009)

Corvette Stingray Concept (Transformers 2009)

Hot off the press rumors: The next-generation  Chevrolet Corvette gets access to a 7-speed gearbox. Porsche has the tone and will soon put any 7-speed manual transmission?

When we first heard that the gearbox of the new Porsche 911 (991) up to 7 (forward) speed would have provided the necessary furrowed eyebrows. Meanwhile, unveiled the new 911 and it all seems slightly more likely (but first has to drive). And now it seems that the seventh generation (fittingly) a seven-speed manual transmission will get.

Incidentally, it is still a year or two before we Chevrolet Corvette C7 will be revealed, because he is only planning for model year 2014 (and thus introduced in 2013). Besides a seven-speed manual transmission will most likely also a 7-speed dual clutch transmission will be available ( developed by Saab?).

Under the hood, we find a V8 ( with turbos?)  Which is an evolution of the current engine? For the V8 back in time to get it will have direct injection and variable valve lift system one.

The engine also comes to lie just in front and not back, and there seems to be thought of a V6.  (Via: )

Corvette Stingray Concept (Transformers 2009)

[Image: autoblog]

Toyota hopes to continue to “impossible” batteries

Toyota Battery Pack

Toyota Battery PackThings we take for today, were once considered impossible. It has become common, but especially that with a cell phone on almost any spot on our globe can stand and within a few seconds to speak with someone who calls or video on any other place on our planet is. Some say that is impossible only a matter of time and hopes Toyota also continues on a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology.

In 1925 by Sakichi Toyoda, inventor and founder of Toyota,  born February 14, 1867 and deceased on October 30, 1930, a reward of one million Japanese Yen (now 9,000 euros) awarded to the inventor of a battery that produces more energy than gasoline. It is at this day no one succeeded.

Toyota believes that this is still sacred to one day be possible. In 2008, a separate research division set up to try for a breakthrough in this field to force it.
While the current generation Prius still uses old-fashioned NiMH batteries, lithium-ion batteries have an energy density of about 620 Wh / l (watt hours per liter). The theoretical limit for lithium-ion batteries is still far below the energy density of gasoline. Solid-state battery is 1000 Wh / l are achieved with metal-air batteries. This capacity can be doubled again. These are steps in the right direction, but remember that the energy density of gasoline around 10,000 Wh / l.. How long will it take Sakichi Toyoda’s reward should be paid? And then we drive at all even on batteries?

The development of a battery with the highest energy density is not the most important. For practical applications, the batteries should also be affordable. The main reason that the Nissan Leaf no larger battery pack, it is because otherwise the car would be too expensive.

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