Volkswagen’s Polo rally beast

Volkswagen Polo WRC

Volkswagen Polo WRC

Yes, the VW Polo may take credit to ironing as Skoda has finished testing.
The time until 2013 before Ford in the WRC it is driving. The Polo R WRC already seems ready for, the tracks and trails will however still a lot to be tested and adjusted. A ‘dirty’ job that Skoda is currently mainly seemed to recover.

Until the rules changed again driving the Volkswagen Polo R WRC round with a 1.6 four cylinder with turbo charging and direct injection.

Good for 300 hp and 350 Nm. Exactly 1200 kg light or heavy. Incorporates a four-wheel drive and a kickass spoiler.

A nice combo, but again very similar to the WRC homologation models will require, we have been unfortunately little. For now we can only dream that VW in 2013 with a 300 hp 4 × 4 R Polo with hefty wheel arches is developed for the street.  Volkswagen does this!

Volkswagen Polo WRC

Volkswagen plans Bulli concept into production

Volkswagen Bulli

Volkswagen BulliAccording to “insiders” (you know them) would seriously consider Volkswagen Bulli the beginning of this year was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in actual production. And thus, the Bulli the second model in the “Heritage” line of Volkswagen to be. The Beetle is obviously the model that other “series”.

The Bulli in Geneva had been fitted with an electric motor (ideal for hippies), but the final production version will simply be provided with petrol and diesel engines. Like the Beetle , the production version of the Bulli probably also be built in Puebla, Mexico. Otherwise it will not start production before 2014. That gives Ford plenty of time and opportunities to annoying teaser campaigns to come.

When Bulli was revealed in the press release also hinted that there is already a production version could ever come, but we heard for years about the Microbus concept that 10 years ago was unveiled by Volkswagen. Whether this is being pursued Bulli a different fate than the Microbus , we have to just see.

Incidentally do Designer Walter de’Silva is that Volkswagen has retro look, thanks to distinguish the Korean and Chinese competitors.Volkswagen Bulli

Bentley: arrival of the diesel

Amosu Bentley Key

Amosu Bentley KeyIn an interview, Wolfgang Durheim (owner of Bentley ) confirmed in hints the arrival of diesel in some models of the brand.

The rumor on the net for a while. We knew that the arrival of diesel Bentley was considered by those responsible for the brand. Today, we learn a little more. In an interview with the German automotive press, Wolfgang Durheim (owner of Bentley) has indeed hinted strongly that it was officially recorded.

The diesel will therefore integrate the range of the manufacturer. A range consists among other Continental GT, GTC, GT / GTC Speed, Supersport, Flying Spur and Mulsanne, pending an SUV in 2014. The arrival of diesel should not be too complicated to implement since Bentley is owned by Volkswagen and can therefore draw on the bank of the parent bodies.

In this interview, Wolfgang Durheim has not set a date for the release of the first Bentley to feature a diesel engine, or given the names of the affected models. He simply said that this type of engine was more for the European market, Americans are more likely on gas.

Economy: General Motors World No. 1

GM Bondholders

GM BondholdersA result of the earthquake in March, Toyota has lost its place as No. 1 global automotive manufacturers in the first half of 2011. General Motors is now ahead of Volkswagen.

From 1935, General Motors was the undisputed leader in the automotive market. Except that this status has changed in 2008 with the economic crisis. Bankrupt the following year, the group of Detroit has consistently lost its place as No. 1 in favor of Toyota. Since then, GM (which owns Cadillac,  for example) found an ascending form and the sales curve continues to climb. In the first half of 2011, the manufacturer has increased sales by 8.9% for a total of 4.536 million vehicles sold. These figures place him squarely in the first place worldwide.

I must say that, struck by the earthquake in Japan in March, Toyota had to halt production on the first half. As a result, its sales fell 22% to be limited to 3.71 million units. It is obviously very far from the estimates earlier this year. Toyota even falls to third-place  car manufacturers. For example, with sales up to 14% (4.13 million cars sold). Volkswagen has well captured the second place. And if we take into account in the calculations the parent and subsidiaries owned more than 50%, the German group would even before General Motors.

However, the upheaval at the top could only be temporary. The Toyota production system has indeed found an efficient operation much more quickly than expected. The Japanese company and should see his production returning to a normal rhythm in september.  Furthermore, according to experts, it could get its world from the beginning of 2012.

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