Tech armor stretches on the Panamera

Porsche Panamera armor techBefore Porsche himself with a Long Wheelbase version of the four-seater comes up let the Eastern European peasant armor armor tech advance how they will approach. Legroom FTW!

tech armor-known half hour X6’jes and very big Bentleys – provides its customers very happy ridiculous leg room. Or would it just inflated Panamera intended for clients that do not feel like gechauffeerd be in a limo on a two hundred years old Lincoln Towncar? Maybe both.

If you have a prolonged Panamera with these guys then you get to order more cars at 65 cm compared to a regular Panamera. The extra inches will mainly benefit the rear passengers. The rear doors are 25 cm extended while the front doors are 15 cm to obtain. The remaining metal is in the booty of the Porsche geplempt order additional create storage space. Whether the Panamera XXL also provides armor is also not known.

The car is available on request in other tinkering. Who wants to know the price directly or already plan to place an order can register at tech armor by james ruse.Porsche Panamera armor tech

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