TechArt GTStreet RS: RS GT2 converted with 720 hp

Porsche TechArt GTStreet RS

720 hp at the rear wheels of a Porsche GT2 RS. TechArt just does it and lifts the term widow maker to a completely new level.

Whoever thought that a 911 exclusive like the GT2 RS -500 pieces made, all sold out – or from the hands of tuners could stay wrong. TechArt renamed the boy to GTStreet RS and gives RWD Porker Power 720 horses and 900 Nm of torque it.

A sprint to the one hundred to a trained right foot in 3.3 seconds and Vmax succeed levensmoeë reach a petrol head at the 352 km / h. That’s just a little faster than the current top speed run of Wouter in the GT3 RS 4.0.

For now, this one-off exercise for a client from China. Our final verdict: epic tuned uitzwaaimodel of the 997 is an epic.

Porsche TechArt GTStreet RS

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