Tesla: the new style of the Model S

Tesla Model S

Intended for commercialization in 2012, the Tesla Model S has just undergone a few changes to the design .

Last week, Tesla announced the end of the year to stop production of its Roadster, and at the same time, presenting its Model X crossover (scheduled for commercialization in 2013). But the priority of the California manufacturer seems to be the next Model S. The sedan will be the first car built entirely by Tesla, without the help of partners. Before his final exit, the model will be presented in two stages. First, the Alpha and Beta.

Tesla Model S

And it is precisely a black Alpha has just unfold in pictures. Compared with the first prototype, the 100% electric sedan has changed design, adopting a style more delicate and sport. It may be noted at the bottom of optical redesigned, a new grille, bumper and a redesigned rear lights and. In short, slight changes, but successful.

At capacity, we should find a range of about 450 km. The transition from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds is announced with a burst of speed to 200 km / h. If these figures are confirmed in the coming weeks, the Model S could meet with some success.We know already this summer after the tests performed on the Alpha and the arrival of the Beta version. The commercialization of the Tesla Model S is still scheduled for mid 2012.

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