Test Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe: the ode to V8

Mercedes C63 AMGShortly after the arrival of the C-Class sedan, Mercedes sign a daring transplant for the AMG version. As its name suggests, is a well known V8 that operates on the C63 AMG coupe. Without loss of refinement, but with a brutal.

Now, Audi RS5 and the BMW M3 has a direct competitor to Mercedes. He will not have to wait long before the Star treatment applies to the AMG C-Class Coupé presented in Geneva in March. Previously, only the sedan could be closer, in terms of performance and philosophy, the two aforementioned rivals.

The cut C, receiving the well-known 6.2 liter AMG V8 (not 6.3 l) tackles head on it more. The M3, if it is available in sedan, coupe saw himself primarily.
Above all, it’s back to the position of the cut C, which comes after four-year career in the sedan, along with the restyling.

Its role will be to replace the CLK really disappeared in 2009, the E-Class coupe is closer to the upper segment, even if it is based on basic technique of Class C. The cut C is intercalated between the coupe and E and the late CLC Sport Coupe persistence of aging in 2000.
Younger, more dynamic to the eye, he takes the facial and optic L Sedan features a profile but bold enough to Mercedes. The stern is high, visually enhanced by the offset amount of C abrupt. The pace is picked up, especially on our C63 AMG aerodynamic features of suitable, wider track with 36 and 12 mm front / rear respectable, and based on 18 wheels and 235/40 P 255/35 pavement.

Of its long 4.70 m, it is a tad longer than the M3 and RS5. Yet it seems more stocky.

Behind this appearance with his openly licentious clearly marked wheel arches, its keys carbon (€ 2,100) on the rear spoiler and mirrors, lies the 6.2-liter V8 to 457 hp which is still the heyday of the C63 hatchback and AMG Gullwing SLS, in a definition of 571 hp. Note that with the Performance Package (€ 7,200), the power goes to 487 hp, burying the paper its rivals BMW and Audi.
In the mirror, see the tumble facies flanked by an impressive shield rough-hewn, framed LEDs, must produce its small effect.

A big heart in a cut as compact, this is something unusual. This is the first time that even as strong engine is present on the segment.
And seen here, this is probably his last application before its gradual replacement by the new 5.5 liter twin-turbo, yet enjoy all of his song. Direction Monteblanco, near Seville, for setting rods.Mercedes C63 AMG

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