The Furtive e-GT test at Magny-Cours

Exagon GTScheduled for a marketing end of 2012, the Furtive e-GT is currently completing its development. This week, the French electric sports was in the process of testing at Magny-Cours.

Voted “Most Beautiful Car of the Show” at the last Mondial de l’Auto in Paris in October 2010, the Furtive e-GT is highly anticipated by all observers. Since then, the electric sports of Exagon Motors is under development. Obviously, the French project has progressed well since the past few days, a prototype was undergoing testing at Magny-Cours. As can be seen on the video below, the driver Nicolas Prost who was able to get behind the wheel to push the car to its limits.

With this video, we can also learn the craft from all angles. In terms of design , there is a long pattern of 4.50 m with a sports-like double-hump rear door of overhang front and back short, and of the rear ventilation.

For power, it should not be bad either. The four-seat coupe, in fact, has two electric motors producing a total of over 253 kilowatts, the equivalent of 340 horsepower. So, in terms of performance, we arrive at a 0 to 100 km / h achieved in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. Autonomy is at a capacity ranging from 200 to 400 km when using the electric mode only. And if that’s not enough, an extension will be offered as an option to double the battery life.

According Exagon Motors, testing should continue in the coming months. The goal is to be ready to go out the first copies of the Furtive e-GT at the end of next year. Intended to be marketed in October 2012, the French electric sports is expected to sell around 300,000 euros.Exagon GT

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