The Knight XV is a bit bigger

Knight XVThe mother of all SUVs, AKA the Conquest Knight XV,  gets a slightly redesigned. Most important of this update is that what the dimensions increase, entirely against the prevailing trend. So we like it!

Nothing or no smaller models lightweight city car, the Canadian Conquest Vehicles Inc. just goes his own way.  The completely handmade Knight XV receives a new interior and cockpit, plus many additional features like air suspension (front and rear), power windows, a 360-degree roof (?) And headlights annex searchlights with a joystick can be operated.  In addition, the 2012 Knight XV both wider and longer, the exact dimensions are not yet released.

The new price for the fully armored Knight XV $ 629,000. Conquest but also offers two “upgrade” packages. The first is a Luxury upgrade electrostatic tinted windows (rear windows and sunroofs), behind electric windows, retractable ballistic glass wall, retractable flat-screen television, siren, 2-way PA system with a speaker, hidden VIP strobe lights, a remote intercom, a Playstation 3 or Xbox entertainment system, a fridge and a cigar humidor. Then we have a security upgrade with an explosion protection system with floor opaque armor, magnetic attachment detector under the vehicle, Black Box, safe, fire extinguisher, exterior security cameras, gas attacks and defenses against oxygen survival kit. Is a must- have?Knight XV

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