The most ugly and luxury motor home in the world

Marchi Mobile

It seems that the Futuria Camper gets some competition.

This monstrous-looking fun vehicle designed by the Austrian Marchi Mobile. They advertise on James List count as a “new premium class of luxurious vehicles, targeted to lovers of extravagance and visionary style” , so you’ll know it. The front looks most like the bastard child of any Stormtrooper and Robocop, but inside is an oasis of luxury, including roof terrace, bar and lounge. Just below the list of the most notable options on board.

Specification :

Royal ambience

Reusable 30sqm area plus 20 sqm. roof terrace, total or 50 sqm.

Completely automatic control of the entire unit

Room extensions without risk or tripping due to one floor level

Able to lift couch bar furniture with push of a button

That first sky lounge can be set up by the push of a button (including furniture, sun roof, handrails and stairs)

Also Sky Lounge with integrated floor heating, water fog system, multi-media, ice maker, bar

Hot water floor heating system, fully a / c

Spa bathroom with rainfall showers

Unique light ambience (marble and wood lightened), Electronically controlled lighting, ceiling (sky)

High-end multi-media system

Real stream video surveillance (mobiles user panel), control over all functions outside of the vehicle

40-inch  TV – with slide up function as well as working fireplace When parked, 40-inch TV in master bedroom

Integrated vehicle wash system for vehicle wash on tour

Marchi Mobile Remote Assistance Service

We now get the impression that the element, as a glorified camper may be called, actually be built. What to images available are just some photo shops. You can order one there already, the price is on request.

Marchi Mobile

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