The new Lexus GS is almost finished

Lexus GS SpyJust wait for one week or four, Lexus fanatics. On August 18, the successor to the current GS unveiled at Pebble Beach. Surprise? No, it will look broadly similar to the LF-GH concept. However, leading up to the moment the canvas of the Japanese, Lexus limo pulled out some spy shots released.

In America have been different journey’s already pre-production cars to drive. Lexus has therefore, already a handful of new info released. As the GS 350, which stands on a platform that is equal to the current GS, but does seem to have gotten a redesign and new front and rear suspension. The wheelbase remained the same while the weight decreased by 71 kg. In total, this version now weighs 1,650 kg.

A V8 version is excluded, as an (automatic) transmission by more than six resists. At the IAA in Frankfurt would be a Lexus hybrid ready horny already. The 3.5 V6 combined with some electrical horsepower. That should eliminate the loss of eight cylinders. On a GS-F model, we need not therefore very hard to count. F-Sport model with a tighter grip and 19 “jesters’ll get there on.

Photos of the LF concept of GH, which has close ties with the new GS.

Gallery: Lexus GS Spyshots and Lexus LF Gh Concept

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