The primitive Lada retires

Lada 2107-2011At the end of this year has finally arrived. Then after 41 faithful service to the AvtoVAZ Lada 2107 Lada Classic aka aka Lada Riva finally retired mail. You were perhaps forgotten, but based on an old Fiat Lada is still being built (goed!) sold in Russia.

The first to this type Lada (then called 2101) on April 22, 1970 rolled the tire plant in Togliatti. That plant was built by Fiat, and the Fiat 124 was also the basis for these Lada. The Fiat 124 was “only” available from 1966-1974, but his twin brother. The Russian is maintained from 1970 to 2011.
In a the Netherlands, this model is ultimately up to 1998 available (as drive, 2104) as a saloon (2107) was in fact in 1996 has disappeared from the price lists. Until the mid-80s called Lada model 1200 also in a the Netherlands.

And then it’s time for some fun facts about the primal Lada.

– There are currently 16.8 million units already built
– around two-thirds of all Ladas A 2101/2107
– Last year was the best-selling car in Russia (136,006 pieces)
– After the first 6 months the counter is at 69,500 units (35%)
– A Russian scrapping premium cost a new one just 3,900 euros
– The following photos show how the car is currently in the showroom!
– There is also a convertible pickup version of

There were once plans for a facelift of this primal Lada,  but it never came. Incidentally, the new Lada Granta ( epic fail ) the loss of the 2107 is ok to make. And of course, Lada now close friends with Renault ( and Nissan ), so the quality will in the future Good.Lada 2107-2011

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