The Rimac Concept One is finally here

Rimac Concept One

What began with an ambitious bluff press release about a 1088 hp with elektrowaggie ended in a real concept that is now being shown at the IAA. It is that Mate Rimac is pretty successful.

This relatively young company from Croatia is clearly not like mashed potatoes or roaring V8’s income twaalfpitters. No, let this beautiful electro heads but with e-motor play. Are they good at, so it seems? The first ‘real’ car of the Croatians showed that using an electric motor per wheel, the All Wheel Torque Vectoring system can result in a quite cool looking sportbak with more power than a Veyron.

As it is already known is the ability to out 1088 horsepower and the car in 2.8 seconds to 100 km / h sprint. The maximum speed was at 308 km / h, but then there is obviously little of the specified range of about 600 km.

Rimac nevertheless promised that performance comparable to that of a petrol-supercar (or even better).

Behind the aluminum rims with ceramic brakes found on the front calipers to six and four piston rear bevattem. The body is constructed entirely of carbon fiber and the interior of the Concept One (not too much to watch the finish) was designed by Pininfarina, a number of former guests. The leather upholstery comes from the interior of fetishists Vilner.  Also present, an infotainment system and a head-up display.

A lack of ambition can the team of 20 designers and engineers not to blame though. The planning is in fact already in 2013 to begin the extradition of the Concept One. It must be made ​​up of 88, which is perhaps a rather unrealistic figure. Anyway, we wish them luck. Go kick some ass, Tesla!

Rimac Concept One

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