There will be an Audi RS3 Plus, but not to the Netherlands

Audi RS3 Sportback 2011

Audi is busy with new Plus packages. No, that’s not a supermarket loyalty campaign, but an option that more LOL moments in an RS model must yield. After previously leaked that a + ‘behind the TT-RS will be put, We also learned that the RS3 more power and higher maximum speed inherit.

The RS3 is with 340 hp and 450 Nm not exactly an under-sized hatchback. However, the 2.5-liter five-cylinder block from Ingolstadtters which is best for more power. Because if the U.S. version of the TT-RS version has 360 horsepower, why not offer RS3 with the same power?

Well, good and bad news for those who were waiting for this. There is a screenshot drained which an Audi RS3 Sportback with 360 hp was announced, picked from the VAG parts system. Including the ‘Plus’ designation. And that is actually, as far as we can now confirm. However, we are also able to trace this bomb let not to the Netherlands. Germany gets him anyway, which countries have been further even more unclear.

The RS3 Sportback Plus get 360 hp and 465 Nm with it. What this does to the 0-to-100 sprint time does is not yet known, but the acceleration is certainly not held back by a limiter.

While the RS3 at 250 km / h nokt to accelerate the RS3 Plus a little while stamping. Plus signs are also equipped with more options that will be with this variant therefore be the case. Under the hood, “he indicated by a plate of carbon fiber.

Whether they also extra pounds from the 1575 kg of standard weight RS3 will need to scrape a little show, but from May 2012, we know for sure. By that time the car was introduced, one month after the TT-RS officially unveiled Plus. Lovers will just have to move to our eastern neighbors to a tap on the head.

Audi RS3 Sportback 2011

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