This Chevrolet Camaros takes it to the SEMA

Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Concept

If you do not like the tuned Japanese pastries but more of the American Muscle, do not worry. The U.S. Big Three take enough goodies to Las Vegas. As these four variants such as Camaro.

We propose in the Carbon Concept, the Synergy, the Red Zone, and the 1LE.
Let’s start with the thickest version, the ZL1. As in the culinary world, everything is better with extra bacon, as in the automotive world, everything is better with more carbon. It saves only one letter and is also very good. The carbon-fiber  concept has been equipped with a thick carbon-fiber  insert in the hood, carbon-fiber  rear spoiler, and door trims in the instrument panel, Jet Black leather interior and 20-inch  porn’s good obviously, Satin Black.

The 1LE track is more focused, with sports suspension, a short-shift six-speed gearbox and bigger brakes. The model also lends some parts of the SS and ZL1 for that extra thumping.

Synergy and Red Zone are concepts based on the Camaro Convertible, and both have an extra rim size of Thumb inherited. They now measure 21 inches. Synergy of the two makes the best chance to go into production. GM will at the SEMA listen to how the model is received and then decide on production or not.

Deeper into the specs of the models show dives on the GM website. For images, you can look at the gallery. ZL1 of carbon is not released images. If you could take one, what would it be? The Hp 1026 Camaro Hennessy does not count, because it does not own Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Concept

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