This is the Gymkhana 4 – Fiesta, aka “The hybrid

Fiesta HFHVGymkhana fans: August 16 note in your diary. On that date comes with Ken Block Gymkhana fourth video (here Part 1 , 2 and 3 ). His vehicle of choice? The Fiesta Hybrid Vehicle Function Hoon (HFHV). And no, there are no batteries.

Ken Block is very successful as a shoe salesman and energized. Of the money, he earns this pops in his spare time constant smoking tires on a nice trail up. The petrol heads to appreciate this, because his films were already tens of millions of views. Gymkhana is a 4. Inevitably, over three weeks. This is a fact.

The only hybrid that has the rod to his employability, it is a Gymkhana, rally cross, really and stage-driver in one, hence the nickname “the hybrid.” The specs is not yet known, but the unit was used for Gymkhana 3 had 650 hp and 895 Nm, so think a little in that direction. The recordings seem to have found insert an air base in Wales, and through his Facebook, Kenny revealed the livery of the Fiesta:Fiesta HFHV

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