This is the new BMW M3 (insiders)

BMW M3 F80 Wild Speed

We know that this is very premature. The new M3 (F80) is in fact just over two years revealed. But thanks to a shit storm of recent rumors Wild forward speed to come up with these pictures.

The introduction of the new 3 series is next month and in respect of the M3 version of it: that is probably in the summer of 2013 the car roll. The reason the raised saloon net now for quite some commotion in Te internets provides the power to the fore. Because nobody knows yet what type of engine it will be.

The preliminary power-grabs include: a six-cylinder (N54), we know from the 1M, a V8 with twin turbos that is related to the block from the X5 M M/X6, an evolution of the V8 from the current M3 and the most obvious choice is surely the rumors (and patent applications ) on a 3.3 V6 Biturbo with + / – 450 hp. And that would have sounded like something like this.

The appearance photo according to hopper Game Speed ​​on various issues closely related to that of the M5, which is clearly visible in the front bumper. Furthermore, the grille / headlight ratio as we found on previous impressions and spyshots saw. The shops are also based on “inside information” (as the wheels would be designed on that basis) and spyshots.

BMW M3 F80 Wild Speed


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