TopCar provided your new Porsche 911 more holes

Porsche 911 991 Topcar

Who says you, Top Cat? No TopCar the Ruski’s that good at a tuneski your car can provide. The new 911 should be a best seller, and with a targeted annual sale of 40,000 units as a tuner, you should make sure you’re there too. 1% of these are so beautiful 400 cars. And so comes Topcar, after SpeedART also with sketches at this time.

However, how is a Topcar product? These wide-body, which should be available in March 2012, is tickled by 9ff motor. In the program are among others an increase in capacity and adjusting the suspension. For the wheels turn to the Russians ADV.1, not even the first best.

However, what do they do it themselves, except at one time Wodka’tje strike back? The body kit and interior, I think. And they promise this:

Traditionally, all body elements made ​​from carbon Will Be clothing and Kevlar. The usage of vacuum
forming technologies in the production of Such Elements Provides to guarantee of perfect quality and high
operational records.

More details are yet available. Furthermore, in the tuning scene is important to look like the chickens to be, but then agree on the details (specs, interior) to think. Therefore, the preliminary check out pictures. If it’s worth, we are still back in March.

Porsche 911 991 Topcar

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