Toyota hopes to continue to “impossible” batteries

Toyota Battery PackThings we take for today, were once considered impossible. It has become common, but especially that with a cell phone on almost any spot on our globe can stand and within a few seconds to speak with someone who calls or video on any other place on our planet is. Some say that is impossible only a matter of time and hopes Toyota also continues on a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology.

In 1925 by Sakichi Toyoda, inventor and founder of Toyota,  born February 14, 1867 and deceased on October 30, 1930, a reward of one million Japanese Yen (now 9,000 euros) awarded to the inventor of a battery that produces more energy than gasoline. It is at this day no one succeeded.

Toyota believes that this is still sacred to one day be possible. In 2008, a separate research division set up to try for a breakthrough in this field to force it.
While the current generation Prius still uses old-fashioned NiMH batteries, lithium-ion batteries have an energy density of about 620 Wh / l (watt hours per liter). The theoretical limit for lithium-ion batteries is still far below the energy density of gasoline. Solid-state battery is 1000 Wh / l are achieved with metal-air batteries. This capacity can be doubled again. These are steps in the right direction, but remember that the energy density of gasoline around 10,000 Wh / l.. How long will it take Sakichi Toyoda’s reward should be paid? And then we drive at all even on batteries?

The development of a battery with the highest energy density is not the most important. For practical applications, the batteries should also be affordable. The main reason that the Nissan Leaf no larger battery pack, it is because otherwise the car would be too expensive.

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