Toyota is working on pre crash safety system

Toyota TechnologyThe system would literally take the wheel of an inevitable crash to minimize the damage. In addition, we are working on a system that registers a heart attack the driver, then intervenes. We do a little careful with jokes about throttle gate elderly and Toyota buyers?

Volvo has been working for years at their City Safety System, a system that automatically brakes at low speeds when a crash is coming on. Toyota shines a sort of 2.0 version to be developed, which uses a highly sensitive radar with cameras in order to recognize the possible danger. With a computer calculates how you are the best near-crash situation can save, and if the driver does nothing, the car does it for him / her.

The focus in all this lies mainly on pedestrian safety. You will Shibuya, but the loss of control, then such a system is quite indispensable. Probably had the ladies in the blue Bentley also wanted their luxury convertibles with similar features. She had a big embarrassing moment saved.

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