Travec Tecdrah – Plastic SUV Dacia technique

Travec Tecdrah

Forget Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class, but because this is the mud wrestler in the future. The recipe is so simple that it was really strange that no one think of this idea is.

The Swiss engineers TRAVEC Automotive GmbH has the (cheap) technique of a Dacia Duster combined with a nice square plastic body. And so you get a cheap and lightweight yet another SUV that his man is capable off road.

And if you go to tree hug ass whining that you asobak drive you can answer that for your car up to 72% is recycled plastic. And the 1.5 liter diesel engine with 90 hp is also provided with a particulate filter. What more could you want?

This Travec Tecdrah is 4.19 meters long, weighs 1,363 pounds and costs (in Germany) € 18,000. Not very expensive, right? Besides the soft-top version we see here will eventually also a hardtop available.

Oh, and I forget to mention that all the authors have dedicated this car to Steve Jobs * exploded *.

Travec Tecdrah

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