TVR: production restarted in 2012

TVR SagarisNikolai Smolenski Russian, owner of TVR since 2004 and architect of the progressive disappearance of the brand, wants to boost production from 2012.

Created in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson, TVR was a small British manufacturer known for its sports cars. But since its acquisition by the Russian businessman Nikolai Smolenski in 2004, the brand has lost its soul. The death of the founder in 2008 did not help matters. On the contrary. TVR has gradually disappeared, and in recent years, no model is produced, or even considered.

However, the Russian owner does not seem completely buried TVR. Nikolai Smolenski wants to restart because next year the production of cars, probably the Sagaris (pictured) and Chimera. The businessman recalls a production of 250 to 400 cars a year.

Beautiful intentions collide, however, a certain reality. Economic First, since this revival will require much investment. Industry then, as TVR will adopt new engines. The manufacturer says that both models will benefit from an updated V8 engine GM 6.2 LS3 435 hp and above all, a L6 diesel. Nikolai Smolenski would actually mount the L6 3.0 L of 286 horses from BMW and a new electric motor from 2013-2014.

Of course, everyone wants to believe. But given the recent history of the brand and liabilities of the Russian tycoon, we can still ask questions about the likelihood of a resurrection of TVR.TVR Sagaris

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