Ultimate car routes? BMW has an app for that

BMWWith an ever greener, image is the credo Driving Pleasure increasingly difficult to sell. Creativity is needed and therefore, comes BMW with an app that collects the best routes to take a nice and lose to go.

Currently, there are a few trails to be found in theNetherlands, but there are more firmly! This great app for anyone who likes a bit of driving, only option we are missing being a speed camera alert. That would make the app not complete. The beauty is that BMW is not what defines a good route, but you and I are responsible, crowdsourcing for the win! If you’re just nice to add some routes, I can this afternoon and a different test. Oh, and put those safety cameras just like in the description, very handy!
Ultimate Drive
The app is available for the iPhone and the iPhone wannabe (which some people seem to be called Android) and is a really ultra free, bonus! Your performance measurements done of course with a BMW app, and your iPhone holder to me!

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