Volkswagen Beetle price: how much you creep in?

2012 Volkswagen BeetleBeetle may cost more than a Golf or pay extra for like a Scirocco? Maybe you prefer for your money at these chubby little car creeps.

Well, it is also not mattered. Volkswagen plans a minimum of € 19.990, – for the Beetle, and that’s it. Get a 1.2 liters turbo vierpitter for. It is not hard but that’s not a Golf 1.2. You hardly pay extra for the spherical appearance, only 300 euros. For that money boats, he also all the way from Mexico to a the Netherlands.
2012 Volkswagen Beetle
Should things get a little easier? Volkswagen will come with a 160hp 1.4 turbo (from € 27k?) And 200hp 2.0 turbo (from 32k?). These prices wouldVW not yet been released and are only loosely to what is now gambled on Golf demands.

Golf currently seems a more practical, which has just five doors immmers. Scirocco is a particularly expensive (1-2k euros) but slightly lower scores on the girl’s scale. Alternatively, row you prefer not to Volkswagen?

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