Volkswagen Passat CC facelift

Volkswagen Passat CC 2012

Once we knew that it all had to come in sometime. The only nice thing for Volkswagen Passat had to offer ever get a facelift. And apparently Volkswagen has done exactly what they do best: the Passat CC as dull as the rest of their models. A missed opportunity.

Data on new and modified engines there are. Thus, two turbo-diesels, both with a 2.0 TDI, the first has 140 hp and the second has 170 hp. The petrol engines are available with 160 hp, 210 hp and 300 hp (the latter has a 3.6 V6 with 4Motion).

By default, all CC versions are bi-xenon headlights, fatigue detection and an RCD 510 radio / CD player. Optional is the Lane Keeping Assist, Dynamic Light assists, Easy Open the trunk, Park assists 2.0 and traffic detection available.

Soon the face lifted Volkswagen Passat CC (AKA VW CC) revealed at the LA Motor Show in January, the car probably already at the dealers.

Volkswagen Passat CC 2012

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