Volvo Concept You: Because everything revolves around you

Volvo Concept You

Naturally, Volvo is common, Frankfurt ( unlike that other Swedish brand ) and they have also a special concept car included ! Introducing the Concept You. A car mainly for “us” running. Yes, yes, there are the marketing guys and girls sit back down to brainstorm.

This concept is an evolution of the Universe Concept that we saw early this year and what immediately springs to mind being that Volvo (fortunately) a little “more normal” grille is installed. Apparently, the world is not ready for the futuristic grille in the Universe Concept Sat.

Furthermore, the Concept You a hatchback (I see a hint of Audi A7) while the sedan was a concept Universe. Incidentally let go to Volvo little about the technology of this car. We guess that a four-cylinder under the hood is because Volvo has recently announced that in future only four cylinders will be using. Eventually, all five-and six-cylinder to be thrown out.

This concept has room for four occupants, and the subwoofer uses the air outside the car. It seems some new technology to be. Oh yeah, another fun fact! The brakes were developed by Polestar. The race & tuning division of Volvo.

Volvo Concept You

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