Vorsteiner doing for the first time a Ferrari: 599 VX

Ferrari 599 VX VorsteinerThe American tuner Vorsteiner is normally located mainly on the better German material as Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. And occasionally they do a Bentley, but it remains generally better for it. However, now they have first grasped an Italian thoroughbred. And that’s not bad past.

Based on a standard 599 GTB Fiorano, they have a sort of cross between a 599XX and a 599 GTO made. We see anew hood with a hole 3 louvers (like 599XX,the GTO has 2) and also anew front and rear. Also the wheels developed specifically for this model jump directly into the eye.
Ferrari 599 VX VorsteinerFurthermore, the VX 599 is wrapped in matte white material of Meguiar’s. And at the back, we spot an exhaust BBI Autosport. The development of this car is not a Vorsteiner gone overnight, because they have a total of 14 months working on this project.

Whether there is something under the bonnet has been modified I cannot tell, but knowing Vorsteiner will be the case. At the Concorso Italiano at Pebble Beach, the 599 VX Vorsteiner, his official public debut.Ferrari 599 VX Vorsteiner

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