Warning radars: agreement AFFTAC / Government

Radar DetectorFollowing the outcry in recent months on the government’s desire to ban warning radar, and Claude Gueant AFFTAC signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The warning will now prevent the “danger zones” rather than radar.

This brand-new episode probably the end of the series on warning radars. We all remember the willingness of the government in late May, simply delete the alarms. A will that had caused a strong reaction from motorists and service of players driving an aid, the latter having met in an association: the AFFTAC.

Claude Gueant, Interior Minister, had then backed off and played the card of appeasement by installing radar teaching instead of the old fixed speed cameras. What about warning radar in cars? That was the question, especially on the side of AFFTAC. Well, after long negotiations, both sides finally signed on Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding.

It recognizes that the first tools for the person (formerly called warning radars) “participate in road safety goals and enhancing the teaching against drivers.” A symbolic victory for AFFTAC. Second, the agreement stipulates that these tools will now report “dangerous sections of track” and “specific danger points.” Specifically, it can be a narrow road, a dangerous bend, a work area or … radar, except it will not be named specifically.

This Memorandum of Understanding and the nuance to the new law meets the course AFFTAC. The actors in the service of driving assistance must bring their equipment with the standard by four months.

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